Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hehehe...New Stuff on My Bike

For this month salary, i have decided to change my wheelset to all mountain wheelset and xt shadow rd...total cost...rm720..bukit chermin..i cant wait to ride over theare againt..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

KL Mountain Bike Carnival 08

KLMBC 08-this year the promotion is look like so big..but the participant think its not same like previous..this year is not so havoc and happening. Surrounding event area is not havoc like previous. I dont know why..only a few picture taken..so bored.

My 1'st Time Ride at Frim

This picture taken at FRIM on last 23 november. it was my 1 st time ride at FRIm and its trail so coooool..especially at Bukit Steroid. The climbing so long and the downhill so fast..no time to take fresh air..the best part is at technical trail..i think at centre of FRIM..it's very technical trail...but it's not like kiara...sory guys..not morepicture ws taken..very2 enjoy the trail..

Bro Nas ans Bro Thamby(real name sabri)

Other rider at FRIM

hahaha..sourvenier from FRIM