Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sunday ride with Desa Alam Team

i have been introduce by bro munir to desa alam team.this team always ride on sunday to Altantuya bombing area near kg. distance arround 40km and 60% is off road. usually their are many of them but today only 9 rider joint because most of them going back to hometown (chinese new year holiday). as in a plan,we should ride at 715 am to make sure we are not burn under sun.however a few rider come at 740 am, so start to ride at 800am.lead by bro kahlid wife (ladies first, to make sure they are not away at behind), we goes straight througt palm estate to setia alam-kg budiman-and pit stop warung donut.this take arround 1 1/2 hour because we had beginner rider.after breakfast at warung donut,we ride back to shah alam.time at my watch show 1015 am and the sun is up on my head.luckly i bought oakley sunglasses and wear a long sleve jersey, i can overcome the heat of burning sun..hahaha..with my full energy, maintain my speed arround 24km/h on the offroad and road,i manage to finish the ride at 11am and left other rider..hehehe...i affraid to be burn under sun,that why i left them..arround 1140am,most of the rider arrive at bro khalid house..starting point.

in-front of bro khalid house (starting point)

bro munir(red jersey) with his member

first 3 rider reach at top of hill..other?still climb.

1st check point...take a deep breath

bro munir member assist new beginner from back.

2nd check point..warung donut..i just drink milo ais.

ready to return back to shah alam

Damm!! hot!!i dont want be burn under sun!

time to speed up...go!go!

bye..bye...i left them's to hot! must reach to starting point before 12.


Angah said...


ada women riders.. bleh join nih

Anonymous said...

our team from sect 17 shah alam would like to join ur team..plz call me 0136296280 sukur

Anonymous said...

bro, bole join tak ?
camne nak contact bro?